Case Studies

Our work results speak for themselves

We've worked with hundreds of clients. From Cape Town to Denver. Brisbane to London. Here are a few of their stories and how we were able to take their online business to new heights.

India Ink

From 5-Figures to 6: The Digital Transformation of India Ink with SEO

India Ink needed growth in brand awareness, customer base, and online sales that could secure the longevity of the brand. Their physical stores weren't enough to keep them going so their next target would be digital growth selling on an online store using Shopify. Colorado SEO Experts executed a strong SEO strategy and brought India Ink to page one of Google and grew the brand from a 5-figure online store to a 6-figure online store.

Online Sales Increase
Online Traffic Increase
Seoul of Tokyo

How our SEO strategy increased Seoul of Tokyo's sales by $110,000

With the expertise of Colorado SEO Experts, Seoul of Tokyo ascended to the first page of Google results for over 6 crucial keywords, leading to an impressive revenue boost of approximately ±$110,000 within a year. While Seoul of Tokyo initially sought assistance to maintain steady sales, our robust SEO strategy ensured not just consistency, but a dramatic surge in growth.

Online Sales Increase
Increase In Traffic

How we took Packnet to the top of Google Search and increased revenue by 5000%

In a transformative collaboration with Colorado SEO Experts, Packnet embarked on a digital journey to revamp its online presence. Through a seamless migration to Shopify, targeted SEO strategies, and sophisticated logistics integrations, the company has not only improved its digital footprint but has also experienced a significant surge in online sales and customer engagement.

Online Sales Increase
Organic traffic increase
Lash Box

How we helped Lash Box increase their online revenue by over 660% in 3 months.

Lash Box is South Africa’s largest lash online store. They were mainly operating physically with an online store that struggled to get customers to convert. Colorado SEO Experts approached Lash Box with the opportunity to automate their order management process and double their revenue. As always, we love to overdeliver.

Online Sales Increase
Conversion Rate

Facebook Campaigns & Children's Toys - A match made in heaven

Imagimags was launched in October 2020. They incorporate open-ended play through magnetic tile building. Imagimags contacted us in early October 2021 with a goal to ensure their ad spend was used to its full potential.

Return on Investment (ROI) in PPC
Increased revenue
Mountain Falls

How we helped Mountain Falls increase their online sales by over 415%

Michael has been in the water game for a few years and in 2020 he decided to take it to another level. Colorado SEO Experts approached the Mountain Falls team with a single proposition - to double their sales in 2 months. And we did more than that.

Online Sales Increase
Conversion Rate
Sofa Company

How we helped Sofa Company increase their revenue by 149%

Sofa Company is a renowned brand originating from Denmark specializing in aesthetically beautiful sofas & homeware. Colorado SEO Experts decided to approach Sofa Company South Africa with a pitch to rebuild their online store & take them into the stars. 

Revenue Increase

How we helped Brando increase their sales revenue by 912%

Brando Leather is a South African brand that sells leather bags, wallets & more. Just like Mountain Falls, Colorado SEO Experts approached Brando with a single proposition, to increase sales by 250% - they were not disappointed.

Increased Revenue

Our most successful on-going PPC campaign, 3000% ROI

TOMS is Africa’s biggest music instrument retailer and they came to us with TWO issues - how to build a powerful online store & how to build the most powerful paid advertising campaigns. Colorado SEO Experts had successfully implemented both as a team.

Increased Revenue