Top 5 Best Pizza Places in Denver

November 2, 2023

Why is an online agency writing about the best pizza places in Denver? Great question! We love featuring local businesses and in this post we’re doing a bit of a website audit for each of these pizza shops… and we can’t not talk about the delicious pizza in this city! You’ll find our website notes directly after each spotlight!

5 must-try pizza places in Denver

Why is an online agency writing about the best pizza places in Denver? Great question! We love featuring local businesses and in this post we’re doing a bit of a website audit for each of these pizza shops… and we can’t not talk about the delicious pizza in this city! You’ll find our website notes directly after each spotlight!

Without further ado…

The Best Pizza in Denver (CSE Favorites)

Denver Pizza Company

Photo by Denver Pizza Company

After moving here from South Africa, this was the first pizza I tried in Denver. I'm pretty proud to say its my local favorite and by far one of the bet pizzas I've ever had - in the world (and I've tried my fair share).

Our favourite is the standard Cherry Creek pizza. I’m honestly not quite sure why it’s so good, they must be putting something in the sauce! All jokes aside, it’s some of the best pizza Denver has to offer.

They are located on Broadway between 12th and 11th.

Mini Website Audit:

Overview: The website is modern, colorful and not only lets you browse the menu, but also order right through the site using a Hunger Rush extension. The "best pie in the mile high" is also a great slogan / catchy phrase that we love.

  • Page speed is 15/100 on mobile – this can be improved by using next-gen image formats. An average of 12 seconds is lost on every site load on mobile for this site.
  • They are using multiple heading 1 tags on the home page, which is bad for SEO.
  • The site is responsive and mobile friendly! – Great!

Cart Driver Pizza - LoHi

pepperoni pizza by cart driver denver
Pizza pic by Cart Driver

In the cozy corners of Denver, these wood-fired pizzas are a real treat, especially if you're in the mood for a classic Margherita (affectionately known as 'The Daisy' here) or feeling adventurous with their seasonal specials. Think toppings like clams and pancetta or the unique combo of delicata squash and pecorino. Dining in their quaint, original location, fashioned from a shipping container, offers an intimate and vibrant atmosphere. If you're looking for something a bit more laid-back, their newer spot in LoHi provides just that, with a bit more room to stretch out.

You can never go wrong with a Pepperoni, and Cart Driver's is one of the best in town!

Mini Website Audit:

Overview: The website is simple and clearly showcases their two locations, with easy options to view menus and make reservations using their OpenTable integration. We really loved the photography they have showcasing some of their uncommon menu options and picks.

  • The heading structure on their pages needs to be looked at, with multiple H1's being shown,
  • Page Speed is 41/100 on mobile & 75 on desktop. Focusing on their mobile user experience should lead to higher rankings,
  • Whilst the big image galleries are good to showcase the extent of the menu, it is important that all images have alt tags as well as served in a next generation format (like webp).

SliceWorks - LoDo

I found myself drawn to try SliceWorks after catching one of Dave Portnoy's OneBite Barstool pizza reviews on his social channels. Now, while I might not see eye to eye with every aspect of his review, SliceWorks has charmingly become a bit of a regular haunt for me, especially during those lively late-night city adventures. There's something quite appealing about the option to grab a slice on the go, and their ready-made selections just add to the convenience. It might not be my top pick every time, but if I'm nearby and the craving hits, you'll likely spot me enjoying a slice of their 'The Works' pizza.

Mini Website Audit:

Overview: The SliceWorks website is one of the better ones I've come across in the pizza space. With a good user experience and flying colours across the board when it comes to their Core Web Vitals, some small tweaks can go a long way in my opinion:

  • Focus more on your mobile user experience and optimize your page speeds for mobile,
  • The heading structure on their home page lacks an H1 tag,
  • Whilst meta descriptions aren't as big of a ranking factor as they used to be; it can still help to have them as opposed to having nothing at all,
  • Show & link your individual Google My Business locations on the home page as well as the individual location pages to promote your local listing.

Marco's Coal Fired Pizza - Ballpark

a pizza by marcos coal fired pizza
Pizza by Marco's CFP

Marco's CFP has quickly become my favorite spot whenever I'm near Coors Field or catching a game at Tom's Watch Bar. Their Margherita pizzas are a real highlight – sometimes, all I do is add a bit of ham or sausage, and I'm set for the day. They claim to offer a slice of Italy right here in Colorado, and honestly, judging by the sauce on their Margherita, they're not far off the mark (though I still hold a soft spot for some of my favorite Italian places in Denver). They've also got a branch in Englewood I haven't tried yet, but if it's anything like their other location, it's bound to be a treat.

Mini Website Audit:

Overview: Marco's CFP's website is simple, but lacks some key best practices to enable it to get to the next level. Mostly the desktop side menu can be a problem when it comes to SEO, that coupled with the lack of content & copy on the site as a whole - leave us wanting more.

  • Add some basic copy on your home page summarising your brand and locations; it's good for search engine crawlers as well as your users,
  • Focus on your site's navigation and consider adding a top line navigation as opposed to a side bar,
  • Make sure you have a clear site title - in this case the site title and h1 tag are both just "Marco's Coal Fired" missing out on the crucial "Pizza" keyword.

Benny Blanco's: Slice of the Bronx

a picture of a big benny blanco's pizza out the oven

Another spot that I frequented when first moving to Denver is Benny Blanco's. An original spot with a pizza that packs a punch of flavor. This tiny, graffiti-adorned spot, complete with a team of characterful staff, really delivers on flavor, making up for any lack of frills in its ambiance. The slices here are generously sized and cheesy, hitting the spot perfectly when they're fresh and bubbling from the oven, with their buttery crusts and just the right touch of grease. The topping choices are a delightful mix, ranging from the simplicity of fresh garlic and classic pepperoni to more gourmet options like artichokes and ricotta. Benny's has become a go-to for those in search of an authentic New York-style pizza experience, as well as a haven for night owls looking to cap off their Saturday night adventures.

Their uniform / merch playing on Brass Pro Shop's logo is memorable.

Mini Website Audit:

Overview: the overuse of H1 tags on their home page and the overall lack of written content will make it difficult for this brand to rank higher on search engines, but their overall user experience and design is good.

  • Simplify your heading structure to only include one H1 tag per page,
  • Link & navigation structure needs to be looked at with 'Our Story' links leading to the menu page,
  • Work on your overall site speed and optimize your images into next generation formats to improve the speed.

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