Dear Entrepreneurs: Shopify Is Built For You. We Are Shopify Experts.

November 2, 2023

Shopify thrives on the success of every business it powers. Our success is seen through that of our clients. Our aim is to make commerce more accessible to all.

Shopify’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone. You’ve likely heard this said many times before. But what does it really mean?

Shopify President, Harley Finkelstein, concisely sums up Shopify’s Purpose. The mandate behind their mission. "Our strategies and tactics will always evolve, but our purpose and mission are here for good".

According to the data, every 28 seconds, an entrepreneur on Shopify makes their first sale.

That transformative moment, that first “cha-ching” sound from their Shopify app, is the reason we do what we do. Our aim is to deliver this experience to more users. We want more entrepreneurs to take "the road less travelled".

Opportunity is not distributed evenly, and Shopify aims to change this. Our objective is to offer anyone with the ambition to start a business the opportunity to do so. We want to make opportunities available to people who previously thought they didn’t have any. "To enable the Davids of the retail world to succeed alongside the Goliaths".

Everything we build is in pursuit of making commerce better for everyone.

Our vision of the future includes more voices rather than fewer. Instead of one option, we envision more choices. Shopify thrives on the collective success of every single independent business it powers. Our success is seen in the success of our clients- so we will always aim to create more value for you than we capture for ourselves.

To the entrepreneurs aiming for independence: we build with you. To the pioneers behind enterprises doing business differently: we build with you. To the revolutionaries, the innovators, the dreamers: we build with all of you.

Shopify is built for entrepreneurs. We will never lose sight of this, or you.

SOURCE: Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify.

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